Diane Nukuri

Diane Nukuri

Diane Nukuri is a long distance runner, born on December 1, 1984. She has competed in the olympics many times as a distance runner.

Diane Nukuri went to school in the University of Iowa. She had a running scholarship.

Diane started running as a teenager, about a year before her first Oylmpics. She attended the University of Iowa in Iowa. She didn’t know very much english, so she went to Butler County Community College.

This page has a list of Diane Nukuri’s races

Diane Nukuri was an 11-year old in a war-torn country when she witnessed fellow Burundian, Niyongabo win gold in Atlanta. Inspired and full of resolve and talent, four years later she would be running in the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Not long after that at the age of 16, she left her native country in search of a better life. At the time, Nukuri had already lost her father to the conflict, and she knew she would have no running career if she stayed in Burundi. She was granted asylum and lived with relatives in Pickering, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto (

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Song Analysis, Eminem-Headlights ft. Nate Ruess

Eminem-Headlights ft. Nate Ruess

What is the song and who is the performer and songwriter

Headlights is a group effort by Eminem, Nate Ruess, Jeff Bhasker, Emile Haynie, and Luis Resto. It is performed by Eminem and Nate Ruess.

Why do you like this song>

I like this song, because it is funny at first, but you can tell it has depth. Eminem was abused by his mom as a child, and is still apologizing for letting her down, making her treat him like that. It sounds like a simple thing, but you can tell there are many levels of emotions between the lyrics.

Why did you choose this song for analysis?


I chose this song for analysis because I really enjoy Eminem and like most of his songs, but Headlights has some real depth to it, and meets the requirements perfectly. It is mostly clean and uses few mature concepts. I plan to write about the clean version.

What do you think this song is about?


Headlights is Eminem apologizing to his mom for whatever he did as a child to make her dislike him so much. Eminem’s dad left them, and his mom was very angry all the time. Marshall was usually the outlet of his mom’s anger, and always thought he did something wrong.

Does the song tell a story?

Sort of. Headlights refers to the story of his abusive childhood, but does not actually give any details. It sort of tells a story, but it technically doesn’t.

What is the mood of the song?

This song definetely evokes a strong sense of sadness, as he realized his mom had a sickness, and feels bad for leaving her.

What is the message Eminem is tring to convey in this song?

This song was made by Eminem to say that he is sorry for writing songs and talking bad about his mom, because he didn’t realize that his mom had a sickness. It says he feels really bad for moving out and “cleaning out his closet”. He was “angry, maybe rightfully so” but realized he still loves his mom.

Who is the intended audience for this song?

Eminem didn’t really have a specific audience other than his mom. He wrote it for his mom with Munchausen syndrome, to let her know he was sorry and he knew now it wasn’t her fault.

What is the genre of this song?

Hip-hop/rap without a doubt

What is the theme of this song?

The theme of this song is loss and being sad, because Eminem’s mom has munchausen syndrome, which is basically like involuntary child abuse. Eminem says he was “angry, maybe rightfully so” (verse 3) but he “never meant to take it this far”

What literary devices are used?

Some devices are rhyming and internal rhyming. A hyperbole, “both of us together could form an atomic bomb” is used. This also qualifies as a narrative song, as it tells the story of him and his mom.

Debbie Mathers says that this analysis deserves an A+. Do not disappoint a celebrity, Mrs Rook!

The Giver

The Giver

Task One, Part One

I am comparing myself to Jonas

I think I am similar to Jonas, because we both get nervous for big occasions. We are both shy, and like to keep our friends close. We both like to keep ourselves contained, and not express our emotions publicly. We are different, because we have a totally different body type and hair colour. Also, I already knew all of the things that Jonas had to learn from The Giver

Task One, Part Two

My life is kind of hard to compare to Jonas’s life, but I’ll give it a shot. In the beginning of the book, Jonas was just living life like everybody else in the community, ignorant to what he was doing. I can understand that, as it is what I do most of the time: My mom or my friends ask me to do something and I have no idea what the purpose of the task really is. Also, Jonas shares his feelings with his parents every night, because he is required to. I do this most nights with my mom, as she is a really good listener.

This is a full glossary for The Giver

  • RoseMary applied for release

Cause: RoseMary was depressed from the things the Giver told her

Effect: RoseMary was released/killed

  • Jonas was chosen as a reciever

Cause: Jonas showed his expertise in multiple professions

Effect: Jonas didn’t fall into a specific job, so he was chosen to be the reciever.

  • Jonas watched his father kill a baby

Cause: There were twins, and one of them had to be released

Effect: Jonas’s dad killed the baby, and Jonas was upset

  • Jonas started being attracted to girls

Cause: Jonas was dreaming about Fiona

Effect: Jonas had to start taking pills

  • Jonas felt rebellious

Cause: Jonas saw his father kill a baby

Effect: Jonas escaped from the community

Chapter 24

“He heard people singing. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo.”

The singing got louder as Jonas traveled. In the distance, a large wall could be seen. The sand dunes slowed the tires of his bike, but Jonas pushed through.
As Jonas approached the wall, he could see it was similar to the one of his old community. Hot steam rolled off of the sides, and the brick were several shades lighter than they should be due to the sun. Getting closer to the wall, the singing turned into a siren wailing. Jonas froze, afraid. What if they were dangerous? Gabriel started to cry. A double rotor camoflauge helicopter whirred to life, and ascended above the walls.

Jonas waved his arms to flag down the helicopter. With a final sputter of the rotors, several men armed with M4s jumped out and trained their guns on Jonas. Instinctively, he raised his hands. “I come in peace!” Jonas shouted over Gabriel. “I have escaped my community, and require a safe place to stay.” Jonas tried to hide the fear in his voice. A large man stepped forward and extended his hand. “I’m John. Climb aboard, we must go talk to the boss.” The men kept their guns trained on Jonas, but allowed him to step forward, scoop up Gabriel and climb into the gunner door.

The feeling of flying was undescribable. Jonas felt like his stomach was still with his bike on the ground. The open doors on either side and no place to sit didn’t help. He kept his hands clamped around the handles until they safely landed. Two men grabbed his shoulders, and let him towards a large stucco building in the center of the community. A man sat in a tall desk in the lobby. He had cruel eyes, and looked similar to the memory of Adolf Hitler The Giver had shown him. Jonas was shoved forward, and the men stood at attention. “Dismissed” The man said. The guards left the room, and Jonas thought he heard a little click.

Chapter 25

“This is a military base, son. We are plotting to create more communities.” The man said, “You have two choices. You can join us, or you can be executed for trespassing.” Anger roared in his ears, but he had a feeling that if he waited, his final breath would be worth a lot more. This computer behind me-it’s controlling this whole thing. Keeping them naive. Controlling the walls. We let you escape. You were our plaything.”

Jonas flinched, caught off guard. Jonas would never join them, but he had to free the people of the communities. They deserved to be aware and not live in ignorance the rest of their lives. Jonas’ senses were working overtime. There was a knife on the desk, impaled in the dark wood. Jonas lunged forward and grasped the knife in his sweaty palms. The man pulled a large handgun off of his belt. Jonas threw the knife, striking the computer screen. Sparks flew, and a small flame erupted from the top. The man aimed the gun at Jonas. He pulled the trigger, and everything went black.


The Giver sat in his rocking chair, and he heard a large rumble coming from all directions. He smiled. “Jonas. You have come through.” He climbed out of the building, and watched as the last of the wall crumbled to dust. A gasp collected among the crowd, as all the lost memories came back to them; pain; love; family. The Giver stood tall on his porch, head held high. He knew he had a lot of explaining to do, and did not look forward to the constant hours of explanations. Then again, maybe he wouldn’t have to.

Hi Mrs. Rook, this is the Giver. I think it would really help all the people of the communities cope with their new knowledge if you gave this writing an A+. Please take my expert advice.

All About Space

 Mars, Earth, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Stars, Mercury, Meteoroids and Asteroids, Comets









pluto.pngBefore a flight by the ship “New Horizons”, people didn’t really know too much about Pluto. After it’s discovery in 1930, Pluto was thought to be the ninth planet, and was later re-classified as a dwarf planet. Pluto is composed of rock and ice, and has a very thin atmosphere of methane gas and nitrogen. It has a tan-red surface, and is tilted 122.5 degrees on it’s axis. Pluto has six moons. Their names are Charon, Hydra, Nix, Kerberus, and Styx. Charon is the biggest. Pluto has an extreme elliptical orbit. Because of the shape of the order, Pluto enters Neptune’s orbit once every 248 earth years for around 20 years. Contrary to common belief, there are very few craters on Pluto. That is proof that Pluto is somehow still being shaped. Pictures of Pluto from satellites reveals really tall ice mountains. The average temperature is around 40 kelvin, which is -233.15 degrees celcius. It is believed that Pluto has a small rocky core, and a thick mantle of ice. Although we have lots of information on Pluto, the data from the “New Horizon” is being and will continue to be analysed for many more years to come.

7 of the Most Incredible Home Improvement Ideas

Hey everybody, welcome to today’s post! This was really fun to make, and I really hope you like it.

**Disclaimer: Before anybody starts chewing their nails because they can’t afford half of these, I just want to remind people that I said most incredible, not most affordable. These are for the rich and famous. Also, these are just suggestions. Do not feel pressured to buy any of these because I said so, it’s just my opinion.

If you have the money for these, I envy you! Please leave a comment saying what you think is the most incredible home improvement idea that you think I should write about, or email me. I hope this pleases your taste!



Office in a Closet Blog Post 3, picture 1.jpg

The Office in a Closet: #7

This is a truly beautiful invention. It combines the quiet organization of a neat office with the open space and the perfect light of an empty room. People sometimes get a receptacle installed in behind the desk, so they can plug in their computer or laptop, or charge their iPhone. In this picture, it is perfectly complimented by the red flowers on the white background. It is also recommended to order a very comfortable chair online or in a store, as it would improve your posture. It could be foldable, so you can put it under your desk, or it could tuck right into the closet doors if there is enough space. A stainless steel waste bin blends in perfectly to the background. Above the desk, you can add shelves, and possibly a cabinet (for a secret snack stash). Everybody kneel for the Office in a Closet!

Fish Tank Sink Blog Post 3, Picture 2.jpg

Sink Fish Tank: #6

All homes need fish tanks, but not all of them have the space to accommodate one. Although it is quite expensive, it is a brilliant addition to any bathroom. You know when you get bored on the toilet? Just watch the fish swim around! I think this tank would look awesome with tropical fish. The black stones and the colourful plants in this picture go perfectly. I also have to admit, the wood and the walls blend in perfectly to the sink. Plus, the stainless steel sink handle on the wall looks awesome. I am somewhat curious about how they hid the pipe from the sink. And how would you clean the tank? Nevertheless, this is a genius creation. All hail the Fish Tank Sink!

Luxury Covered Boat Docks Blog Post 3 picture 3.jpg

Luxury Covered Boat Docks: #5

If you live a waterfront, you will love this one. The colour of the wood on the bottom mixes perfectly with the green water. The marble columns might look even better if they were chiseled, but they look great right now too. The stone above the pillars is great, and catches some reflections off the water, making it look like it’s dancing. I love the ancient feeling the steel roof gives off with the help of the pillars, like walking into a greek temple. If I had the money for this, I would go for it, with no second thoughts!

Floating Bar Blog Post 3, picture 4.jpg

Floating Party Boat #4

This is incredible, but again, better for people who live on a waterfront. You can bring some of your friends out on the water, and talk about all your deepest secrets without the fear of being overheard. I think one improvement to this creation would be a built in ice chest. You can jump off at any time, and have a group swim or a water fight. Although it has a battery powered motor, it only goes about 3mph, but who would want to go any faster than that? It’s a party!Floating Speakers Blog Post 3, picture 5.jpg

Floating Pool Speakers #3

These are great for pool parties. If you have an olympic sized pool, these are for you. You know that horrible poolside get-together with half the school there? Everyone thought it sucked, because they couldn’t even hear the music. Never be the one with bad sound! These could even be dragged behind the Floating Party Boat on a rope…

Kitchen Safe Blog Post 3, picture 6.jpg

Lockable Timed Kitchen Safe: #2

I LOVE these things, and after researching them, I think I need to buy them, so I can unplug for a while, without the temptation. If anybody wants to stop eating so much candy in a day, this is perfect for you. This would also be awesome for parents. If you want to take your child’s controller away because they are playing too much video games, you can lock it in, and rest assured that your child will not take it back and cheat, because it is locked in. Anyway, these are great!


Cell Phone Charging Cabinet: #1

This is epic for large families, or frat houses. You all  get a locker, and you can keep your phone (and wallet) in a safe place. There is a keypad in the middle, which allows you to set a passcode for each of the lockers. One code only unlocks one locker, unless you have the master key, which unlocks all of them. This is totally awesome, because, into days day and age, we have way too many electronic devices, with not near enough charging space. This could also help keep phones out of kid’s rooms at night, because they give off waves that disturb your sleep. This is brilliant!

Thanks everybody so much for reading, I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoyed, and have a great day!

Ten Insane Dog Myths-Debunked

Dog myths have been around almost as long as the domestication of dogs. Some could be believable,while others are plain ridiculous. You can say whatever you want, and believe whatever you want, it doesn’t matter to us. Here are some crazy myths about dogs, blatantly debunked.


Myth #10-Dogs hate mail carriers

I saw this one online, and I can totally understand why it is believable. A common stereotype about dogs is that they bark at the mailman. Honestly, dogs don’t really hate mailmen. They are territorial animals, especially guard dogs. They think that the “mean looking mail man” is in their territory, and going to hurt its family. Naturally, the dog tries to chase it away, defending their turf. Dogs do not (always) hate the mail carrier!


Myth #9-Garlic can be  used instead of flea and tick products

I was a common believer of this myth, until I came across it on google one day. While garlic can protect your dog for a five minute walk, it does not provide the protection your dog needs. Although the opinions can differ from person to person, most agree that small amounts of garlic in their blood stream will not hurt them. One of the biggest difficulties with garlic is knowing at what point it becomes toxic to your pooch. You should talk to your local veterinarian before giving your dog any kind of garlic. Be warned, it can give them the extreme farts. My suggestion? Save the garlic for the vampires and the zombie apocalypses.


Dog Chasing Cat Post 2.jpg

Myth #8-All dogs hate cats

This myth can be true, but not in most dogs. If you have a cat in your house and you want a dog, you should not be afraid for the cat. Most dogs actually like cats. Sometimes the dogs chase cats, but this is only because they want to play, and the cat doesn’t. The dog asks with their body language, and the cat runs away, saying no. The dog misses the fact that the cat said no, and thinks the cat wants to be chased. The fact that they keep running reinforces that. If you want to stop the dog chasing the cat, grab the cat while it is running, and the dog will stop. The cat will eventually learn that the dog will stop if it stops.



Myth #7-Only male dogs hump other dogs

This is totally ridiculous. I don’t know where this one came from, but it is absolutely untrue. The rumour is that only male dogs hump the female dogs. This is fake, because, going from experience, female dogs also hump the boys. Some female dogs will hump other dogs, people, and random objects. Do not believe this lie!



Myth #6-Table scraps are beneficial to a healthy dog

I don’t even know why I made this number six, when it should be way higher on the list. You should not give your dog table scraps, under any circumstances. My suggestion is to train your dog while he/she is still young not to grab fallen scraps off the floor, especially if you have or plan to have children. Table scraps can be bad for dogs. Grapes and avocados are toxic to your dog, although most people don’t know that. Pets need precisely balanced meals to get all the nutrition (and not too much nutrition) that all healthy dogs need. I recommend you always talk to your vet about what kind of kibble you should feed your dog. No table scraps!

Dog Playing in the Yard Blog Post 2.jpg

Myth #5-Letting your dog out in the yard alone is enough exercise

The number of people who believe this lie is unbelievable. Although your dog might run around a little bit, for about ten minutes, this is not enough exercise for a dog. As well as the much-craved exercise, dogs also require mental stimulation. This means that they should be doing plenty of thinking, not doing the same thing over and over again. You need to take your dogs out for regular walks, and maybe play fetch once in a while. Even just running with your dog in the yard is entertaining, and exhilarating for both of you. As well as that, it can help  build a bond with your dog. Now, it is time to get moving, and have fun!




Myth #4-Frequent baths are good for your dog

I didn’t even know this one myself. Apparently, you should only bathe your dog minimally. If you bathe them more than you have to, they can get doggy dandruff. So, let’s not cause a dry-skin blizzard. You should always use dog shampoo, too. Human shampoo can cause skin irritation. If you take these steps and you still notice flakes, you should talk to your veterinarian and ask if you are providing the proper nutrition for a healthy coat.


Myth #3-You don’t need to brush your dog’s teeth

You can believe what you want with this one, but it’s your loss when your dog kisses you and you get hit by a stomach curdling wave of onions and dead animals and your eyes start watering. Routinely brushing your dog’s teeth will not only tame their breath, but it can reduce the risk of oral disease, and you are more likely to notice anything different with their gums. It can make your dog be more pleasant to be around, and save your pet from a series of problems down the road. Whatever you do, don’t brush of brushing.


Dry Nose Blog Post 2.jpg

Myth #2-If your dog’s nose is dry, he/she is sick

I was also told this lie when I was young, by my first babysitter. I asked why my dog’s nose was dry, and she told me he was probably sick. The truth is, if your dog’s nose is dry, your dog’s nose is dry. That’s all there really is to it. A dry nose has nothing to do with your dog’s health. You should watch for some of the unusual indications, such as swelling or a runny nose for more than a few days. If you notice any of these symptoms, call the vet immediately.


Myth #1-If your dog is eating grass, it is feeling sick

This is probably the biggest myth in dogs. Veterinarians have no proof of any reason why dog’s like to eat grass, other than the theory that they might just want to eat grass. My dog usually gets diarrhea after walks, because he loves to eat everything he comes across-grass, dirt, leaves, anything. This is nothing normal. Animals just like to eat grass.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. This took me forever to write, as it required extensive research. Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day!


Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is now one of the most common form of bullying, in today’s world of various electronic devices. Research proves that people who are cyberbullied have lower self-esteem, and are more likely to commit suicide than people who haven’t. Cyberbullying happens when somebody is mean or rude to somebody else, via texting, email, or social media. If you are being cyberbullied. In 2013, a spate of suicides was reported to be linked to the social media site after being cyberbullied. A young boy named John was very healthy until his junior year of high school, when he became sick. Due to medication, he experienced significant weight gain, and as a result, bore the brunt of the bullying from people online that knew him in real life. Even the teachers could tell that  he was being bullied online, because he was bearing one of the biggest symptoms of cyberbullying, which is depression. Looking for symptoms is one of the simplest ways to tell if somebody you know is being cyber bullied. Some of the main ones are anxiety, decreased appetite, insomnia, academic troubles, and acting out. If you or somebody you know is thinking about suicide, contact Kids Help Phone immediately. If you are under 16 and are being cyberbullied, you need to tell your parents. They can help you block the user. If you are afraid of them taking the internet away from you because you were being cyber bullied and didn’t tell anyone. Your parents will almost always be reasonable about things like that, as it is not your fault. The next step is to save the tweet, text, or email by any means possible. This can include taking a screenshot, saving the tweet, or even taking a picture from another device. After that, you want to block the user. If you do not know how to block a user, you can call the cell phone company if they are texting you, the email provider if they are emailing you, or the owner of the social media site that you are being bullied on. If you are still having trouble, it may be time to willingly give up your phone, or log off of social media for a period of time. The amount of time is yours to choose, but it can really help to clear your head. If you do not want to sign off, you should definitely change your information. If you have been hacked, change your password. You can change your username, or your phone number. Either way, changing your information should do the trick. If somebody creates a profile pretending to be you, contact the owner of the social media site and tell them what is happening. A lot of people who are cyberbullied feel very victimized. They will tell somebody who doesn’t know them, such as a constable, that the bully is over 18, they are younger (10-12), and will report creepy photos, or being called by the bully. If you are cyberbullying, you need to stop right now. In some states, you can be sued or even go to jail for cyberbullying, as it is very serious. If you are not being cyber bullied, you should at least know how to protect yourself. Always use a strong password, that is hard to guess. Use a different password for everything you register for, and always keep track of your passwords, in a notebook or in your personal device. A good example of a password is 1f;4’.2[e/2.4’. Although it can be hard to remember, it is also very hard to guess, giving you the strongest protection against hacking and therefore most forms of cyberbullying. Secondly, you should make your instant messaging and social media accounts private. This means that you have to approve people before they can contact you in any way, or see any of their posts. If you are not sure how to make your account private, the best option for you is to google it. If you are worried about a friend or somebody you know being cyber bullied, you should tell somebody that can help them, and that you trust. If you are not sure, you should look for some signs. Some of the biggest ones are hostility that is blatantly out of character, frequent use of negative emojis, such as the crying or the frowning emoji, losing interest in activities they used to enjoy, and being careless. Some examples of being careless include driving recklessly, or increased substance use. That’s all for today, everybody. I hope you enjoyed, and that you will take some of my advice if you need it. Bye!cyberbullying-blog-post-1