Diane Nukuri

Diane Nukuri

Diane Nukuri is a long distance runner, born on December 1, 1984. She has competed in the olympics many times as a distance runner.

Diane Nukuri went to school in the University of Iowa. She had a running scholarship.

Diane started running as a teenager, about a year before her first Oylmpics. She attended the University of Iowa in Iowa. She didn’t know very much english, so she went to Butler County Community College.

This page has a list of Diane Nukuri’s races

Diane Nukuri was an 11-year old in a war-torn country when she witnessed fellow Burundian, Niyongabo win gold in Atlanta. Inspired and full of resolve and talent, four years later she would be running in the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Not long after that at the age of 16, she left her native country in search of a better life. At the time, Nukuri had already lost her father to the conflict, and she knew she would have no running career if she stayed in Burundi. She was granted asylum and lived with relatives in Pickering, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto (http://www.runnerstribe.com/articles/running-for-her-life-diane-nukuri-interview-with-runners-tribe/).

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