Song Analysis, Eminem-Headlights ft. Nate Ruess

Eminem-Headlights ft. Nate Ruess

What is the song and who is the performer and songwriter

Headlights is a group effort by Eminem, Nate Ruess, Jeff Bhasker, Emile Haynie, and Luis Resto. It is performed by Eminem and Nate Ruess.

Why do you like this song>

I like this song, because it is funny at first, but you can tell it has depth. Eminem was abused by his mom as a child, and is still apologizing for letting her down, making her treat him like that. It sounds like a simple thing, but you can tell there are many levels of emotions between the lyrics.

Why did you choose this song for analysis?


I chose this song for analysis because I really enjoy Eminem and like most of his songs, but Headlights has some real depth to it, and meets the requirements perfectly. It is mostly clean and uses few mature concepts. I plan to write about the clean version.

What do you think this song is about?


Headlights is Eminem apologizing to his mom for whatever he did as a child to make her dislike him so much. Eminem’s dad left them, and his mom was very angry all the time. Marshall was usually the outlet of his mom’s anger, and always thought he did something wrong.

Does the song tell a story?

Sort of. Headlights refers to the story of his abusive childhood, but does not actually give any details. It sort of tells a story, but it technically doesn’t.

What is the mood of the song?

This song definetely evokes a strong sense of sadness, as he realized his mom had a sickness, and feels bad for leaving her.

What is the message Eminem is tring to convey in this song?

This song was made by Eminem to say that he is sorry for writing songs and talking bad about his mom, because he didn’t realize that his mom had a sickness. It says he feels really bad for moving out and “cleaning out his closet”. He was “angry, maybe rightfully so” but realized he still loves his mom.

Who is the intended audience for this song?

Eminem didn’t really have a specific audience other than his mom. He wrote it for his mom with Munchausen syndrome, to let her know he was sorry and he knew now it wasn’t her fault.

What is the genre of this song?

Hip-hop/rap without a doubt

What is the theme of this song?

The theme of this song is loss and being sad, because Eminem’s mom has munchausen syndrome, which is basically like involuntary child abuse. Eminem says he was “angry, maybe rightfully so” (verse 3) but he “never meant to take it this far”

What literary devices are used?

Some devices are rhyming and internal rhyming. A hyperbole, “both of us together could form an atomic bomb” is used. This also qualifies as a narrative song, as it tells the story of him and his mom.

Debbie Mathers says that this analysis deserves an A+. Do not disappoint a celebrity, Mrs Rook!


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