The Giver

The Giver

Task One, Part One

I am comparing myself to Jonas

I think I am similar to Jonas, because we both get nervous for big occasions. We are both shy, and like to keep our friends close. We both like to keep ourselves contained, and not express our emotions publicly. We are different, because we have a totally different body type and hair colour. Also, I already knew all of the things that Jonas had to learn from The Giver

Task One, Part Two

My life is kind of hard to compare to Jonas’s life, but I’ll give it a shot. In the beginning of the book, Jonas was just living life like everybody else in the community, ignorant to what he was doing. I can understand that, as it is what I do most of the time: My mom or my friends ask me to do something and I have no idea what the purpose of the task really is. Also, Jonas shares his feelings with his parents every night, because he is required to. I do this most nights with my mom, as she is a really good listener.

This is a full glossary for The Giver

  • RoseMary applied for release

Cause: RoseMary was depressed from the things the Giver told her

Effect: RoseMary was released/killed

  • Jonas was chosen as a reciever

Cause: Jonas showed his expertise in multiple professions

Effect: Jonas didn’t fall into a specific job, so he was chosen to be the reciever.

  • Jonas watched his father kill a baby

Cause: There were twins, and one of them had to be released

Effect: Jonas’s dad killed the baby, and Jonas was upset

  • Jonas started being attracted to girls

Cause: Jonas was dreaming about Fiona

Effect: Jonas had to start taking pills

  • Jonas felt rebellious

Cause: Jonas saw his father kill a baby

Effect: Jonas escaped from the community

Chapter 24

“He heard people singing. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo.”

The singing got louder as Jonas traveled. In the distance, a large wall could be seen. The sand dunes slowed the tires of his bike, but Jonas pushed through.
As Jonas approached the wall, he could see it was similar to the one of his old community. Hot steam rolled off of the sides, and the brick were several shades lighter than they should be due to the sun. Getting closer to the wall, the singing turned into a siren wailing. Jonas froze, afraid. What if they were dangerous? Gabriel started to cry. A double rotor camoflauge helicopter whirred to life, and ascended above the walls.

Jonas waved his arms to flag down the helicopter. With a final sputter of the rotors, several men armed with M4s jumped out and trained their guns on Jonas. Instinctively, he raised his hands. “I come in peace!” Jonas shouted over Gabriel. “I have escaped my community, and require a safe place to stay.” Jonas tried to hide the fear in his voice. A large man stepped forward and extended his hand. “I’m John. Climb aboard, we must go talk to the boss.” The men kept their guns trained on Jonas, but allowed him to step forward, scoop up Gabriel and climb into the gunner door.

The feeling of flying was undescribable. Jonas felt like his stomach was still with his bike on the ground. The open doors on either side and no place to sit didn’t help. He kept his hands clamped around the handles until they safely landed. Two men grabbed his shoulders, and let him towards a large stucco building in the center of the community. A man sat in a tall desk in the lobby. He had cruel eyes, and looked similar to the memory of Adolf Hitler The Giver had shown him. Jonas was shoved forward, and the men stood at attention. “Dismissed” The man said. The guards left the room, and Jonas thought he heard a little click.

Chapter 25

“This is a military base, son. We are plotting to create more communities.” The man said, “You have two choices. You can join us, or you can be executed for trespassing.” Anger roared in his ears, but he had a feeling that if he waited, his final breath would be worth a lot more. This computer behind me-it’s controlling this whole thing. Keeping them naive. Controlling the walls. We let you escape. You were our plaything.”

Jonas flinched, caught off guard. Jonas would never join them, but he had to free the people of the communities. They deserved to be aware and not live in ignorance the rest of their lives. Jonas’ senses were working overtime. There was a knife on the desk, impaled in the dark wood. Jonas lunged forward and grasped the knife in his sweaty palms. The man pulled a large handgun off of his belt. Jonas threw the knife, striking the computer screen. Sparks flew, and a small flame erupted from the top. The man aimed the gun at Jonas. He pulled the trigger, and everything went black.


The Giver sat in his rocking chair, and he heard a large rumble coming from all directions. He smiled. “Jonas. You have come through.” He climbed out of the building, and watched as the last of the wall crumbled to dust. A gasp collected among the crowd, as all the lost memories came back to them; pain; love; family. The Giver stood tall on his porch, head held high. He knew he had a lot of explaining to do, and did not look forward to the constant hours of explanations. Then again, maybe he wouldn’t have to.

Hi Mrs. Rook, this is the Giver. I think it would really help all the people of the communities cope with their new knowledge if you gave this writing an A+. Please take my expert advice.


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