7 of the Most Incredible Home Improvement Ideas

Hey everybody, welcome to today’s post! This was really fun to make, and I really hope you like it.

**Disclaimer: Before anybody starts chewing their nails because they can’t afford half of these, I just want to remind people that I said most incredible, not most affordable. These are for the rich and famous. Also, these are just suggestions. Do not feel pressured to buy any of these because I said so, it’s just my opinion.

If you have the money for these, I envy you! Please leave a comment saying what you think is the most incredible home improvement idea that you think I should write about, or email me. I hope this pleases your taste!



Office in a Closet Blog Post 3, picture 1.jpg

The Office in a Closet: #7

This is a truly beautiful invention. It combines the quiet organization of a neat office with the open space and the perfect light of an empty room. People sometimes get a receptacle installed in behind the desk, so they can plug in their computer or laptop, or charge their iPhone. In this picture, it is perfectly complimented by the red flowers on the white background. It is also recommended to order a very comfortable chair online or in a store, as it would improve your posture. It could be foldable, so you can put it under your desk, or it could tuck right into the closet doors if there is enough space. A stainless steel waste bin blends in perfectly to the background. Above the desk, you can add shelves, and possibly a cabinet (for a secret snack stash). Everybody kneel for the Office in a Closet!

Fish Tank Sink Blog Post 3, Picture 2.jpg

Sink Fish Tank: #6

All homes need fish tanks, but not all of them have the space to accommodate one. Although it is quite expensive, it is a brilliant addition to any bathroom. You know when you get bored on the toilet? Just watch the fish swim around! I think this tank would look awesome with tropical fish. The black stones and the colourful plants in this picture go perfectly. I also have to admit, the wood and the walls blend in perfectly to the sink. Plus, the stainless steel sink handle on the wall looks awesome. I am somewhat curious about how they hid the pipe from the sink. And how would you clean the tank? Nevertheless, this is a genius creation. All hail the Fish Tank Sink!

Luxury Covered Boat Docks Blog Post 3 picture 3.jpg

Luxury Covered Boat Docks: #5

If you live a waterfront, you will love this one. The colour of the wood on the bottom mixes perfectly with the green water. The marble columns might look even better if they were chiseled, but they look great right now too. The stone above the pillars is great, and catches some reflections off the water, making it look like it’s dancing. I love the ancient feeling the steel roof gives off with the help of the pillars, like walking into a greek temple. If I had the money for this, I would go for it, with no second thoughts!

Floating Bar Blog Post 3, picture 4.jpg

Floating Party Boat #4

This is incredible, but again, better for people who live on a waterfront. You can bring some of your friends out on the water, and talk about all your deepest secrets without the fear of being overheard. I think one improvement to this creation would be a built in ice chest. You can jump off at any time, and have a group swim or a water fight. Although it has a battery powered motor, it only goes about 3mph, but who would want to go any faster than that? It’s a party!Floating Speakers Blog Post 3, picture 5.jpg

Floating Pool Speakers #3

These are great for pool parties. If you have an olympic sized pool, these are for you. You know that horrible poolside get-together with half the school there? Everyone thought it sucked, because they couldn’t even hear the music. Never be the one with bad sound! These could even be dragged behind the Floating Party Boat on a rope…

Kitchen Safe Blog Post 3, picture 6.jpg

Lockable Timed Kitchen Safe: #2

I LOVE these things, and after researching them, I think I need to buy them, so I can unplug for a while, without the temptation. If anybody wants to stop eating so much candy in a day, this is perfect for you. This would also be awesome for parents. If you want to take your child’s controller away because they are playing too much video games, you can lock it in, and rest assured that your child will not take it back and cheat, because it is locked in. Anyway, these are great!


Cell Phone Charging Cabinet: #1

This is epic for large families, or frat houses. You all  get a locker, and you can keep your phone (and wallet) in a safe place. There is a keypad in the middle, which allows you to set a passcode for each of the lockers. One code only unlocks one locker, unless you have the master key, which unlocks all of them. This is totally awesome, because, into days day and age, we have way too many electronic devices, with not near enough charging space. This could also help keep phones out of kid’s rooms at night, because they give off waves that disturb your sleep. This is brilliant!

Thanks everybody so much for reading, I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoyed, and have a great day!


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