Ten Insane Dog Myths-Debunked

Dog myths have been around almost as long as the domestication of dogs. Some could be believable,while others are plain ridiculous. You can say whatever you want, and believe whatever you want, it doesn’t matter to us. Here are some crazy myths about dogs, blatantly debunked.


Myth #10-Dogs hate mail carriers

I saw this one online, and I can totally understand why it is believable. A common stereotype about dogs is that they bark at the mailman. Honestly, dogs don’t really hate mailmen. They are territorial animals, especially guard dogs. They think that the “mean looking mail man” is in their territory, and going to hurt its family. Naturally, the dog tries to chase it away, defending their turf. Dogs do not (always) hate the mail carrier!


Myth #9-Garlic can be  used instead of flea and tick products

I was a common believer of this myth, until I came across it on google one day. While garlic can protect your dog for a five minute walk, it does not provide the protection your dog needs. Although the opinions can differ from person to person, most agree that small amounts of garlic in their blood stream will not hurt them. One of the biggest difficulties with garlic is knowing at what point it becomes toxic to your pooch. You should talk to your local veterinarian before giving your dog any kind of garlic. Be warned, it can give them the extreme farts. My suggestion? Save the garlic for the vampires and the zombie apocalypses.


Dog Chasing Cat Post 2.jpg

Myth #8-All dogs hate cats

This myth can be true, but not in most dogs. If you have a cat in your house and you want a dog, you should not be afraid for the cat. Most dogs actually like cats. Sometimes the dogs chase cats, but this is only because they want to play, and the cat doesn’t. The dog asks with their body language, and the cat runs away, saying no. The dog misses the fact that the cat said no, and thinks the cat wants to be chased. The fact that they keep running reinforces that. If you want to stop the dog chasing the cat, grab the cat while it is running, and the dog will stop. The cat will eventually learn that the dog will stop if it stops.



Myth #7-Only male dogs hump other dogs

This is totally ridiculous. I don’t know where this one came from, but it is absolutely untrue. The rumour is that only male dogs hump the female dogs. This is fake, because, going from experience, female dogs also hump the boys. Some female dogs will hump other dogs, people, and random objects. Do not believe this lie!



Myth #6-Table scraps are beneficial to a healthy dog

I don’t even know why I made this number six, when it should be way higher on the list. You should not give your dog table scraps, under any circumstances. My suggestion is to train your dog while he/she is still young not to grab fallen scraps off the floor, especially if you have or plan to have children. Table scraps can be bad for dogs. Grapes and avocados are toxic to your dog, although most people don’t know that. Pets need precisely balanced meals to get all the nutrition (and not too much nutrition) that all healthy dogs need. I recommend you always talk to your vet about what kind of kibble you should feed your dog. No table scraps!

Dog Playing in the Yard Blog Post 2.jpg

Myth #5-Letting your dog out in the yard alone is enough exercise

The number of people who believe this lie is unbelievable. Although your dog might run around a little bit, for about ten minutes, this is not enough exercise for a dog. As well as the much-craved exercise, dogs also require mental stimulation. This means that they should be doing plenty of thinking, not doing the same thing over and over again. You need to take your dogs out for regular walks, and maybe play fetch once in a while. Even just running with your dog in the yard is entertaining, and exhilarating for both of you. As well as that, it can help  build a bond with your dog. Now, it is time to get moving, and have fun!




Myth #4-Frequent baths are good for your dog

I didn’t even know this one myself. Apparently, you should only bathe your dog minimally. If you bathe them more than you have to, they can get doggy dandruff. So, let’s not cause a dry-skin blizzard. You should always use dog shampoo, too. Human shampoo can cause skin irritation. If you take these steps and you still notice flakes, you should talk to your veterinarian and ask if you are providing the proper nutrition for a healthy coat.


Myth #3-You don’t need to brush your dog’s teeth

You can believe what you want with this one, but it’s your loss when your dog kisses you and you get hit by a stomach curdling wave of onions and dead animals and your eyes start watering. Routinely brushing your dog’s teeth will not only tame their breath, but it can reduce the risk of oral disease, and you are more likely to notice anything different with their gums. It can make your dog be more pleasant to be around, and save your pet from a series of problems down the road. Whatever you do, don’t brush of brushing.


Dry Nose Blog Post 2.jpg

Myth #2-If your dog’s nose is dry, he/she is sick

I was also told this lie when I was young, by my first babysitter. I asked why my dog’s nose was dry, and she told me he was probably sick. The truth is, if your dog’s nose is dry, your dog’s nose is dry. That’s all there really is to it. A dry nose has nothing to do with your dog’s health. You should watch for some of the unusual indications, such as swelling or a runny nose for more than a few days. If you notice any of these symptoms, call the vet immediately.


Myth #1-If your dog is eating grass, it is feeling sick

This is probably the biggest myth in dogs. Veterinarians have no proof of any reason why dog’s like to eat grass, other than the theory that they might just want to eat grass. My dog usually gets diarrhea after walks, because he loves to eat everything he comes across-grass, dirt, leaves, anything. This is nothing normal. Animals just like to eat grass.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. This took me forever to write, as it required extensive research. Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day!



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